Our Staff

  • Rev. Christopher White


    Chris joined the Gateway community in 2009 after working in campus ministry for 8 years. He received his undergraduate degree from Malone University and his M.Div. from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. Chris is married to Jessika, and he loves spending time with her and their two children, Libby and Sam.

    3 Fun Facts: I have six fingers on my right hand, I have a far too deep knowledge of U2 facts, and I love to ski.

    Aspect of my job I most enjoy: Sharing a great conversation over a meal and listening for what God is up to

    On my day off, you will find me…: Finding coffee with a good book or a friend, walking with my kids, and then watching a movie with Jess

  • Sam Levy

    Director of Student Ministries

    Sam grew up in Central Pennsylvania and went to college at Shippensburg University, graduating in 2009 with a degree in education. He was a student leader in a ministry there before serving as a teacher in Baltimore. He now works in partnership between the CCO and Gateway to minister to students at Slippery Rock University and Grove City College. Sam is married to Alecia, whom he met while working at a summer camp. Together, they have a son, Everett.

    Top 3 Books: Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Culture Making by Andy Crouch, and Let Justice Roll Down by John M. Perkins

    Album that I could listen to on repeat: Nothing Is Sound, Switchfoot

    3 Fun Facts about myself: 1) I love cheese 2) I once broke my arm by running into a dog 3) I’ve never had a cavity.

  • Karen Douds


    Karen grew up in Allison Park and studied at Slippery Rock University. She has toured and directed music ministry teams from all over the region. She and her guitar virtuoso husband, Paul, live in New Castle.

    Topics I love learning about: Religion, Music, Forensic Science, Food Science, and Science Fiction

    Dream Vacation Spot: Paul and I have always talked about going to Ireland

    3 Fun Facts about myself: 1) I love everything about the water...oceans, lakes, aquariums 2) We have never been without a Siamese cat... love them!!! 3) I enjoy roasting our own coffee beans.

  • Alecia Levy

    Office Coordinator

    Alecia grew up in Lancaster, PA and graduated from Messiah College with a degree in Social Work. She later earned her MSW from the University of Maryland, Baltimore. She and her husband, Sam, have a son, Everett.

    Three fun facts about myself: 1) I love finding a good bargain 2) I am a doula, and 3) I love the smell of a campfire. 

    Movie I could rewatch over and over: I generally would like to watch something new instead of something I have already seen, which is why I can't quote movies.  

    Fun College Memory? In my senior year apartment, I chose a song and told my roommates that it was mandatory to stop what you are doing and dance whenever the song came on. It was a fun tradition, and I was always surprised when it actually worked and they obliged. 

  • Nicole Russo

    CCO Fellow at SRU

    Nicole grew up in Columbia, Maryland and Center Valley, PA. She attended the University of Pittsburgh, where she earned a degree in marketing and served as a leader in Cornerstone (the college ministry of the CCO and Bellefield Presbyterian Church (EPC).

    Top 5 Books: Harry Potter Series (can we count this as one), To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, Night by Elie Wiesel, The Prodigal Son by Timothy Keller, The Rainbow Fish

    Three Fun Facts about myself: I own a Chinchilla named Chili but his full name is Chili Pepper, I am obsessed with everything related to Disney (try to beat me in Disney SceneIt, I dare you), and I'm 100% Italian.

    Movie I could watch over and over: The Dark Knight (Batman is hands down my favorite super hero, and Christopher Nolan is a movie making genius.)